Our Story

In 2011 hoteliers and designers Karl O'Hanlon and Anita Forte partnered with winemakers Vignobles Bonfils to realize a vision of transforming sleeping giant wine estates into stylish, authentic places of comfort and relaxation where guests immediately felt at home.

An instant hit for its blend of chic French style and laid-back private-club informality, Château Les Carrasses was soon a best-kept secret for discerning travelers in search of sophisticated yet authentic places of comfort to relax and decompress. Sister estate Château St Pierre de Serjac opened in 2016 and again soon attracted a loyal following. 

The estates were widely recognized for their distinctive interiors, which took inspiration from the elegant informality of the South of France’s design heyday blended with contemporary Mediterranean accents and wine making references for a timeless yet contemporary French aesthetic. 

Matt Salisbury, a regular guest at the estates, had fallen for its understated yet luxurious decor - in particular the  garden furniture, and it was Matt who persuaded the team to take the idea of an interiors business off the ‘nice to do’ list and into reality. Marius Verwijs, long-term sourcing and manufacturing partner was naturally drafted in and Domaine & Demeure Lifestyle & Interiors was born. With a mission to deliver a refined edit of Domaine & Demeure’s exceptional, hotel quality products direct to customer’s homes, cutting out the intermediaries to eliminate the eye-watering price tags often associated with superior furniture.